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… tomato update ….

The fruit season going well! We just finish processing the cherries and the apricots that are now … ready to Eat from the jar!             Now the first tomato start to become ready for the picking…

Our tomatoes grown well

On those days here in Alba is really very hot, we had 37°C last week!!   Although our tomatoes grown very well.   … but we help them watered with spring water.   (the tomatoes and our farm in the back)   … we are quite near to the first crop!

The cherries !!!!!

  This morning we started picking cherries !!!   From tomorrow morning they will begin processing.       They will become cherries in syrup or in grappa, wanderful cherry extra jam or delicate cherry compote.      

… our tomatoes ….

In our farm we take care of our tomatoes from the seeds, to the jar, to the consumer. The tomatoes that we have sown in the greenhouse a few weeks ago are ready to be placed in the open field …               This morning we started the work … …

… a wonderful surprise !!!!

This morning in our company we had a wonderful surprise!                             Chicks have hatched the brooder that has hatched naturally for a long time!   … a very special wishes for a Happy Easter!     Buona Pasqua!

… tree in flower …

It’s Springtime   On that period the land are really good! Quite all the tree in our farm are in flower!     The peach …   The Madernassa pear…   The apricots … … and soonest the apples…

… Taste (me) in Firenze ….

… TASTE ME IN FIRENZE …   From tomorrow 10th March until Monday 12th March, we will be present at the important exhibition TASTE in Firenze at Stazione Leopolda. We will wait all at the booth D/59, for a guided degustation of all our products and specialty!   Vi aspettiamo!