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  • Acacia Blossom honey
    Acacia Blossom honey
    Description Mooving our bees in the Langhe hill, in the surranding of Alba, arriving until to the Alps, we obtain this wanderful and tasty honey. Honey is a sweet substance produced by bees as a result of the transformation of the nectar of flowers. Among the different types of honey, the Acacia Blossom Honey is ...
  • Chestnut blossom honey
    Chestnut blossom honey
    We follow the flowering of Chestnut (Castanea sativa), particularly in the flourishing and partly in the Langhe and Roero hill, to allow friends to produce this particular honey bees. Chestnut honey has very specific characteristics and properties. It ‘s dark in color, has a pungent odor and taste very bitter and that is why he is ...
  • Lime Blossom Honey
    Lime Blossom Honey
    We produce Lime blossom honey bringing along with our hives flowering of linden (Tilia sp.) particularly luxurious in the Langhe and Roero. The nectar is collected by bees from the nectar of linden is a very aromatic, strong brand name that honey. It is normally crystallized. The color is clear, with bright yellow hue. The ...
  • Mint blossom honey
    Mint blossom honey
    Description The summer bloom of Mint allows us to collect, with the help of our “bee friendly” this honey so special. It has a strong flavor and slightly sweet. Its scent makes it very suitable for sweeten tea and herbal infusions and can be used in all recipes that call for the combination of honey ...
  • Orange blossom honey
    Orange blossom honey
    Description The Orange Blossom honey is one of the best known and most appreciated unifloral products worldwide. In Italy is second, by diffusion in the stores and consumer preferences, to the acacia blossom honey. The Orange Blossom honey has the following characteristics: very pale, almost colorless to pale yellow liquid, and when “liquid” white to ...
  • Thousand Flower Blossom Honey
    Thousand Flower Blossom Honey
    The term indicates a type of wildflower honey honey derived from multiple flowers (originally multiflorale). The contemporary collection of bees from the nectar from many different varieties of flowers gives rise to this particular product. The millefiori is the summer of our honeys, highly intense color, crystallizes spontaneously and is the most diverse in the ...
  • Wild Blossom honey
    Wild Blossom honey
    The trade name of “forest honey” or “Wild honey” identifies a product of teamwork between bees and other insects which, piercing the bark of trees, lime trees, chestnut trees … they spring up that precious sap “honeyed “and scatter the flowers and leaves surrounding. We produce this honey in bringing our bees in uncultivated forests ...

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