Grilled onions


Only the best freshonions, grown in Alba, are transformed into this delicious appetizer.

The processing is done once a year by the product absolutely fresh and freshly harvested.

The onions are roasted using traditional grill and the conservation in extra virgin olive oil enhances its properties.

In this way we are able to preserve the flavor of the fresh product for a long period.

It ‘a fresh, ready to be tasted antipasto.

It can be eaten as is natural as an aperitif or appetizer, but thanks to its versatility is great for salads or appetizers compounds enhance or complement the meat dishes, stews, sausages.

Are excellent accompaniment to fresh tuna marinated.


Elementary information

Name of the producr:  Grilled Onions
:  Antipasti
net weight
: 320 g.
: Onions, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, salt.

Raw material

Origin: Piemonte
Variety: Onion (Allium cepa)
Way of cultivation: organic certificate
Temperature at the harvest: dry
Date of the harvest: July / August
Way of picking: by hand


Varietal characteristics

The onion (Allium cepa) is a bulbous plant cultivated of the Liliaceae family, or better, according to the most current taxonomic schemes, Alliaceae. It is a herbaceous biennial cycle becomes annual crop with shallow roots and leaves, which become enlarged at the base giving the edible portion. Form a long flower stalk bearing an inflorescence with flowers in umbel of yellowish-white. The fruit is a capsule.

The onion bulbs are known as food for over 5000 years.

Thanks to the easy propagation, easy to transport and its long-life fresh, has been widely circulated since the ancient Egyptians who made it also an object of worship, combining its spherical shape and concentric rings to his eternal life.

Onions are rich in vitamins and minerals. The characteristic odor of the bulbs cut is due to the abundance of sulfoxides, primarily the trans-tiopropanal-S-oxide.

Are grown for their green drums, said brackets, and for their bulbs. They need rich soil and humid.

Growing from seed is sowing the seeds directly into the ground.

Onion is very important for us because a crop is a crop of renewal. It is in fact the basis of the rotation of the cultivation of the soil. It ‘s very sensitive to the phenomenon of soil fatigue and is then alternated with cereals, soybeans and tomatoes.

The onion is the basis of many dishes in almost all countries.


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