Apricot and Amaretti purée


Apricot is one of the fruits with the highest number of consumers, no doubt thanks to the versatility that have in culinary products. Is thanks to this, that over time have been handed down many delicious recipes that highlight the famous fruit.

The ingredients are simple but of excellent quality: Fresh Apricots hand selected in our company, combined with brown sugar and amaretto (macaroon bisciuits), nothing else.

In this way you can taste the apricots around the time of year, out of a new and sublime, you have to try!

In our orchards of Alba, in Piedmont, collect the right point of ripening apricots which are processed within hours, and cooked with the addition of sugar cane to get an all-natural jam in the tradition of Piedmont.

The method used is the classic method used since ancient times for the preservation of fruit. Fruit fact after being carefully washed and clean is simply cooked in a pot with the addition of sugar cane.

We get a product that enhances the flavor of the fruit and the artisan characteristics that only our mothers can match.

For the production of 100 grams of desserts is use 120 grams of juicy fresh apricots.

We obtain a rich and healthy breakfast or snack refined!… not only a dessert …

Elementary information

Name of product: Apricot and Amaretti purée
Category: Our speciality
Net weight: 345 g.
Ingredients: Apricots, amaretti biscuits, cane sugar


Raw materials

Origin: Piemonte
Variety: Apricots (Prunus armeniaca L.)
Period of harvest: end June
Way of picking: by hand

Varietal characteristics

The Apricots (Prunus armeniaca L.) are the fruits of a tree belonging to the family Rosaceae, subfamily Prunoideae, genus Prunus, has an uncertain origin. There is infact a triple area of origin where it is more widespread: Chinese, Central Asian, iranocaucasica.

The tree is widespread in China for over 4000 years and has had its spread in Europe by the Romans.

The plant can reach 10/11 meters but we are grown by the method called “little tree” reaching a maximum height of 2.5 / 3 meters.

The flowers, 5 petals, are white to pink colored. The leaves are elliptical, with sharp tips and serrated edges. The fruits are round in shape with yellow skin / glowing red.

The pulp is juicy and rich in vitamin A.

The fruits are great to taste freshly picked but are well suited to the preservation and processing in order to be deguistati season.


Way of production

All the production process is done manually according to the old country tradition of home production. The fruit in copious quantities in the summer was turned into a jam before being consumed in the winter.

The method used is the classic method used since ancient times for the preservation of fruit. The fruit after being thoroughly cleaned and washed are simply cooked in a pot with the addition of sugar cane and amaretti biscuits.


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