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The Prunotto Mariangela Organic Farm is located in Alba, Piemonte, and for severly years has employed in its own growings the “Integrated Organic Method” and since 1995 it adhers to “The Agro-Alimentary Programme", the only one that permits, respecting nature and consumers, the reduction to a minimum of the toxic residue on fruit. We use only our organic fruits and vegetables, processing them within a few hours from the harvest to obtain a variety of exquisite jams, whole fruit, sauces, antipasti. We also produce honey!


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Heatwave and irrigation

  Heatwave and irrigation A unique heat wave hit the Langhe and Roero area. Due to this phenomenon temperatures have abundantly exceeded 35/37 degrees with a perceived temperature that reaches 40 degrees Celsius. It’s a beginning of summer that seems the one of the hottest summer ever registered in the history of humanity (2003). Could be …

Our first cherries of the season

Our cherries   After the incredible view in our orchards of one of the most impressive trees of the spring during the blossoning; now is the time of the first cherries. It ‘a fruit rich in vitamins (C, A, B1) and water is present around 85%. It ‘s tree that keeps incredible memories for all …

The tomatoes transplant

  We Plant the tomato   After the nightmare of the spring frosts, the sun shines in the lower Piedmont. In the surroundings of Alba, between the Langhe and the Roero where the Mariangela Prunotto farm is located, the temperatures begin to rise and in the orchards we can easily record temperatures above 25/26 ° …

The blooming of pears and apples

An exceptional blooming! In our orchards are located in Alba, continue to reign colors! The farm Mariangela Prunotto, in the heart of the Langhe and Roero countryside; starts the work the fields while preparing itself for the laboratory work. It’s an important work the preparation. It’s like the kitchen of a restaurant: you have to …

It’s blooming time!

Spring in Alba The colors animate our countryside and our company. In the sky, in a growing warmth, it’s possible to see the first hungry honey bees looking for some flowers. It’s the blooming to color this corner surrounded by the Langhe and Roero. Here the organic farm Prunotto Mariangela cultivates its own fruit and …

Spring is coming!

SPRING IN ALBA!   The organic farm Prunotto Mariangela has always cultivated its own fruits and vegetables in Alba. The very first warm rays of sun light up this morning our company bringing with them the awakening of the nature in this amazing land surrounded by the Langhe and Roero. It ‘s springtime and is …

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