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Pappardelle cake

You will need   200 g of pappardelle  50 g of bacon  100 g of organic basil pasta sauce Mariangela Prunotto organic farm  1 box of pastry crust  salt   How to proceed Cook the pasta as usual, only taking it to the tooth. Meanwhile, prepare the sauce. Heat up the bacon in a pan, …

Crowned Gnocchi

Crowned Gnocchi You will need   Potato gnocchi 1 large potato fresh Basil 200 g ricotta cow Organic Red pesto Prunotto Mariangela organic farm   How to proceed Mix the ricotta cheese with red pesto and mix well. Boil a potato keeping the skin, to keep it from sponge too much after cooking spellatela, cut …

Corona beans salad

You will need        Corona Beans from Prunotto Mariangela organic farm      green olives      black olives from Gaeta      new onion      extra virgin olive oil      lemon How to proceed Soak the beans the night before, the morning change the water and put to cook. Once cooked and cold season with the …


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